This study aims at investigating how it is possible to improve smallholders farmers’ productivity and climate change resilience in developing countries; thanks to the use of on-field research and by the mean of an interdisciplinary approach combining agro-genomic and economics, we focus on understanding and boosting sustainable innovation among smallholder farmers. The research will be conducted by two Institutes of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, IT). Thanks to your contribution, we will be able not simply to conclude the research according to the requirements of high - quality international research committee, but we will also elaborate the first joint participatory research project ever developed. As donors, you will be constantly updated on our progresses and you will be able to provide us feedbacks as well as suggestions; you will get to know research procedures and requirements, as well as crucial insights on climate change resilience and diffusion of innovations among small farming communities.

We strongly believe that the key successful element for smallholders farmers resilience relies in the share of innovation and best practices; in the same manner, we do think that results coming from researching are stronger if shared. Climate change and food security are global issues: as such, we should look for solutions globally.

Barilla Award

The Silent Revolution was one of the winner of 2018 BCFNYes. Learn more about it here.


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