Project Idea

In order to reach more quickly the full financial market potential of energy efficiency, the development and large-scale uptake of new business models and energy efficiency services such as Energy Performance Contracting combined with innovative financing solutions are needed. The aim of the project is to target the special focus of energy efficiency measures in sectors that use large shares of thermal demand (ex. Hotels, hospitals, leisure centres) in order to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient solutions.

Many countries of Europe are developing energy (EES) efficiency services as method of return for investments in building energy efficiency. EES are provided by energy service companies (ESCO) which guarantees certain level of energy savings for certain level of fee. 3LEAP project addresses the challenge of linking public building, energy efficiency and funding from the private sector. 3LEAP aims at creating a new feasible way to boost IEC adoption in public buildings, whatever the dimension of the necessary intervention. The link is represented by a three layers platforms: indeed, different needs require tailored solutions.The 3LEAP structure is: 1) on the bottom, a crowdfunding platform for project of small entity. The gravity centre is therefore constituted by the crowd; 2) in the middle a PPP (private – public partnership) layer for medium size project; here the centre and point of strength is represented by territorial energy communities that will interlink commercial activities and public intervention. Traditional investment procedures will be here the methodology adopted; 3) at the top the traditional European Investment Bank, where large dimension project can get funded, merged with new innovative scheme such as on-tax and on-bill mechanisms. Here the heart is constituted by trans-regional consortia that work together to solve a common problem and prepare sounding proposals to be accepted. Instead of proposing only one solution to a multiple problem, 3LEAP target is to match the right solution with the existing failure.

Project Output

  • Evaluation of EE financing strategies in the regions belonging to the consortium, taking into account different legislation background and different level of pre-existing energy efficiency readiness
  • Guideline for the first layer of the 3LEAP structure: crowdfunding as a financing source for renovating public buildings. Analysis of legal, socio-economical and territorial framework
  • Criteria for the formation of territorial energy communities thanks to the involvements of all the stakeholder.
  • Criteria for the formation of trans-regional consortia at the public level
  • Guideline for the third layer of the 3LEAP structure: EIB as a financing source for renovating public buildings. Description of the best procedure and necessary documentation to access the funding opportunities
  • Strategic energy financing plan that merge the precedent outputs (2-6)
  • Training activities and round tables among the stakeholder involved in every layer
  • Pilot actions in three municipal buildings in three different territories utilizing all the three layers


7 June 2017

Contact Person

Martina Oceelli


  • Cleopa HmbH (Germany)
  • ARTEC ESCO (Italy)
  • EIR Center (Ukraine)
  • Municipality of Zhitomir (Ukraine)
  • ERFC European Regional Framwork for cooperation (Greece)
  • Municipality of Vrilisia (Greece)
  • Esus NOVUM (Slovenia)
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Czech Republic - Poland)
  • LEA Spodnje Podravje (Slovenia)
  • European Crowdfunding Network (Belgium – Brussels)
  • Polytechnic University of Palermo (Italy)
  • Frederick University (Cyprus)
  • Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik (Bulgaria)
  • Coesione e Diritto – University of Catania (Italy)
  • Crowdfunding Network Malta (Malta)

Indicative Budget

2 million €