Short Bio

Iwas born in Turin on October, 5th, 1991. I received the Bachelor Degree in International Trade from the University of Turin (Italy) in 2013, advised by Prof. Eleonora Isaia. I defended a thesis about new sources of financial intermediation and micro-credits alternatives, entitled "Foresting South - South Investments: empirical study between South Africa and Afghanistan in the Telecommunication business".

Afterwards, I joined a Double Degree Program at University of Pavia, spending the second year of my Master at the University of Hohenheim (Germany). In December 2015, I received (cum laude) my M.Sc. Degree in Economics from both universities, defending a thesis on dual sectoral development model, advices by Prof. Harald Hagemann and by Prof. Giovanni Vaggi. My work analyzed the Eritrean Manzanar Project in view of the Lewis Model, investigating the increase in productivity in the subsistence sector to prevent internal migration.

Right after my Master Degree, I started working as responsible of the innovation department at Cleopa GmbH, a start-up company located in Berlin, focused on developing and offering energy efficiency solutions. In October 2016 I was admitted as a PhD Student at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, in Pisa (Italy).

Academic Positions

  • 2016-PresentPhD Student

    Department of Economics
    Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

  • Working Position

    • 2016-PresentEU Project Manager

      Cleopa GmhB


2015/16Best Double Degree Student

I received the Best Double Degree Student Award for the year 2015/16 for my program at University of Pavia in collaboration with the University of Hohenheim


Cleopa reference for KOMM Mach MINT, German National Organization for Women in Technical Business


During my PhD I aim to contribute to the literature in my field publishing high quality peer-reviewed papers

Living Lab Regional Circuit Approach to boost Innovativeness and Competiveness

13th Conference on Information Management (ICIM), Danzica
Martina Occelli, Bartolomiej Dessoulavy-Sliwinski, Detlef Olschewski
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Research Projects

The following are the projects that I developed during my Bachelor and Master, as well during my current research at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.